Lomography has announced the impending release of Fantôme Kino B&W ISO 8, a new high-contrast black and white 35mm film stock.

The panchromatic film is cut from a roll of German cinematic production film, according to Lomography, who calls it a ‘monochrome masterpiece [that] evokes the theatre in your everyday.’ As the ISO speed in the film name suggests, this isn’t exactly a high-speed film. So, to help you figure out how best to use it in nearly any 35mm camera system, Lomography has provided this handy exposure and development guide.

Below are a few sample photos provided by Lomography:

The film is set to start shipping in June 2020, according to Lomography. You can pre-order it now for 20% off, in a 5-pack ($35.60) or 10-pack ($71.20). Lomography is also offering ten photographers the chance to test the film before it launches publicly. All that’s required to be considered is to fill out this Google Form.