Fujifilm has released firmware updates for its X-T3 and X-Pro3 mirrorless camera systems. The X-Pro3 update is rather minor, while the X-T3 update brings a number of substantially improved features.

Firmware version 1.03 for the X-Pro3 fixes an issue wherein the camera could ‘in rare cases’ freeze without warning as well as addresses a problem where ‘the color tone of recorded images is not recorded correctly in AF-C mode and continuous shooting.’ Aside from that, no other details are mentioned in the changelog. You can download the firmware version 1.03 for the X-Pro3 from Fujifilm’s website.

Moving onto the X-T3, firmware version 3.20 improves the autofocus capabilities. Specifically, Fujifilm says it improves tracking performance with eye AF, improves face-detection performance when there are different-sized faces in the same frame, and improves autofocus on foreground subjects. ‘even when there is a mixture of foreground and background subjects within a AF frame.’

Other updates in firmware version 3.20 include the ability to save up to 9,999 images in each folder (a dramatic increase from the current 999 image limit) and fixes for issues with movie autofocus, including ‘focus hunting at the minimum aperture’ and an issue that sometimes caused a black line to appear at the bottom of the frame. Other smaller bug fixes have been addressed as well.

You can find out more information about firmware version 3.20 for the X-T3 and download it on Fujifilm’s website.

Fujifilm has also updated its Camera Remote app for Android and iOS. The update adds support for Apple and Google's latest operating systems, iOS 13 and Android 10, respectively. You can download Fujifilm Camera Remote in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store for free.