Atomos has made two announcements that will bring improved video recording capabilities to two recently-released cameras: the Panasonic Lumix S1H and the Sony FX9.

First up, Atomos has shared more information regarding a previous announcement that it was working alongside Panasonic to co-develop a means to capture Raw video for the Lumix S1H. Atomos has now provided both a timeframe (albeit a rough one) and official specifications for the impending firmware update.

Atomos says the S1H firmware update will make it possible to record 5.9K/29.97p Raw and C4K/59.94p video on the Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder over HDMI. Currently, the Lumix S1H can record 6K/24p (3:2 aspect ratio), 5.9K/29.97p (16:9 aspect ratio) and 59.94p 4K/C4K, so this update will be a substantial bump in recording capabilities.

In its announcement, Panasonic also revealed that ProRes Raw would be the codec supported for Raw recording. The firmware is scheduled to be launched in early 2020.

Atomos has also announced that it's Neon 8K MCU (Adorama, B&H) will support 4K 16-bit Raw recording from Sony’s recently-unveiled FX9 camera. Details are scarce, but Atomos’ press release, embedded below, implies the functionality will be available when the FX9 ships later this year in December 2019.

It seems Atomos is adamant on working alongside camera manufacturers to get the most from the sensors inside the manufacturers’ latest cameras. In January 2019, Atomos said it was working with Nikon to bring 4K Raw video capture over HDMI to its Ninja V external recorder.

We’ve since learned this update won’t be free and will require cameras to be sent into Nikon service centers to perform an ‘internal upgrade’ to the camera, but the promise still remains. According to the latest information, the 4K Raw video update is still scheduled to be released before the end of the year.

LUMIX S1H Firmware Development Underway for 5.9K/29.97p and C4K/59.94p RAW Video Data Output to Atomos Ninja V

Newark, NJ (September 13, 2019) – Panasonic is proud to announce the development of firmware for the LUMIX S1H full-frame mirrorless camera which enables the output of 5.9K/29.97p RAW and C4K/59.94p video data to the Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder. The firmware is scheduled to be launched in early 2020.

The LUMIX S1H is the world’s first camera to combine professional-level video quality, the high mobility of a mirrorless camera and a Full-Frame sensor. It is currently capable of video recording at 6K/24p*1 (3:2 aspect ratio), 5.9K/29.97p (16:9 aspect ratio), and 59.94p 4K/C4K.*2 *3 The LUMIX S1H will be introduced in late September 2019.

Panasonic has a long history of collaboration with Atomos. This relationship will deliver new RAW video functionality for the S1H. 5.9K up to 29.97p and C4K*3 up to 59.94p in RAW delivered over HDMI is in development. With this firmware Apple ProRes RAW can be recorded on the Atomos Ninja V.

A LUMIX S1H prototype with this firmware will be exhibited along with the Atomos Ninja V in the Panasonic booth (Booth No. C45, Hall 11) at the IBC2019 (International Broadcasting Convention) to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from September 13-17, 2019.

Atomos Announce 16bit RAW Support on New FX9 From Sony

PORT MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Off the back of Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. ("Sony") unveiling their groundbreaking new FX9 today at IBC, Atomos is excited to announce 16bit RAW support from this new camera to the Atomos Neon 8K MCU.

"We have a long and proud history of collaborating with revolutionary companies like Sony, we are working closely with the FX9 camera team to deliver 4K 16bit RAW from the FX9 to our Neon cinema monitor-recorders." Said Jeromy Young, Atomos Co-founder and CEO.

The FX9, which will go to market towards to end of 2019, features an advanced 6K full-frame sensor and has been designed to give professional shooters greater flexibility and capture capability, making it an ideal match for the Atomos Neon range. The FX9 has the same DNA as the popular VENICE cinema camera making it the ideal music, documentary, drama and event shooting.

"When paired with an Atomos Neon, the FX9 will be one of the most advanced production tools available today. We're excited to empower content creators and filmmakers at the highest level through our ongoing work with Sony." Added Young.