Earlier this week, word surfaced online about an issue with the newly released Leica TL2. Apparently, some cameras would simply stop working when you attached Leica's own Visoflex electronic viewfinder.

Online retailer Lcameras.com posted a notice on its Facebook page advising customers that it had paused sales of the camera due to Leica's recommendation, but details weren't forthcoming. Now, Leica has issued an official statement on the matter confirming an issue with the external EVF.

According to Leica's notice, "a defect may occur that could stop the camera from working" when it is used with the Visoflex viewfinder. An earlier version of the statement used bleaker language, stating "If this defect occurs, then it is no longer possible to use the camera." By all accounts, this is a serious issue that could 'brick' your new camera.

Earlier today, the company released another statement saying they had "identified the cause of the failure when using the TL2 in combination with the electronic viewfinder" and that "it is very likely that this can be resolved with a firmware update." But until that firmware update is ready (it is currently being 'intensively' tested) users should either not attach the Visoflex viewfinder, or they should return their TL2 to the Leica dealer they purchased it from.