The new look of Flickr, as seen on Connect's own Lars Rehm's account.

Flickr fans rejoice! A major update to the photo sharing service has completely revamped the look of user accounts and granted everyone a free terabyte of space -- though this comes at its own price paid in advertising. Android users can also update to a less buggy mobile version of the Flickr app now live in the Google Play store.

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The more photocentric appearance may look somewhat familiar to users who noticed similar changes taking place on their Contacts page recently. The changes also include a prominent customizable cover photo, a new slideshow mode and a new Activity Feed that combines your friends’ recent uploads with activity on your own photos. That terabyte of storage should support more than 500,000 images, up to 200MB per photo, to encourage full resolution image sharing. Flickr will also now support video playback up to three minutes per video at 1080p HD quality.

Flickr announced the changes on its blog today. Many of the questions now flooding Flickr's help forums have to do with the impact on Pro accounts.

Both the Sets and individual photo pages ...
... have adopted the new design.

It seems the Pro subscription model officially ends today and you'll no longer see your Pro badge. (Flickr will be sending current Pro members more information via email.) Instead, account levels will be labeled as Free, Ad Free and Doublr. Ad Free accounts will cost $49.99 annually and exclude advertising. Doublr accounts are $499.99 per year and include two terabytes of photo and video space.

Let's hear from you: What do you think of Flickr's new changes?