The folks at All About Circuits have published a teardown of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera, revealing a glimpse at the components found within. Disassembly is simple, and mostly involves removing a series of screws, after which point DIYers are presented with 'a surprising amount of circuitry.'

Within the camera, All About Circuits discovered a micro-controller, DC buck converter, and a pulse transformer, as well as a xenon flash tube, a light emitter and sensor, and a couple of transformers. This was a surprise to the publication’s Mark Hughes, who said, ‘I expected to find a flash charging and firing circuit similar to the type found in a disposable camera.’

We can forgive All About Circuits for calling the camera the 'Insta- X Mini 8,' because we love peering into the inner workings of cameras we wouldn't have the nerve to dissect ourselves. Details about the hardware are available in the full teardown here.

Via: All About Circuits