Elinchrom has unveiled Rotagrids, a new lineup of add-on grids designed specifically for the company's Rotalux softboxes. As is the case for most every grid modifier, the Rotagrid accessories create a more direct light for greater control while also minimizing light spill.

The Rotagrid attachments offer 30-degree beam angle grids and are made from what Elinchrom describes as a lightweight but durable fabric that will hold its shape over time. The grid uses hook and loop fasteners to attach to the front of Rotalux softboxes and can be stored in a pouch when not in use.

Elinchrom is offering the Rotagrid modifiers in every shape and size for the Rotalux softbox line, including the Octa, Square, Strip and other shapes. Prices vary based on the model; the smaller 35 x 100cm (14 x 35in) Rotagrid Strip, for example, is priced at $79 / €69, whereas the large Rotagrid Octa 135cm (69in) is priced at $249 / €199.