Czech photographer Miroslav Tichy once described photography as painting with light. Now there is an app for that, but instead of naming it after Tichy, its makers decided to call it PABLO for Pablo Picasso, who created some of the first notable light art images with photographer Gjon Mili in 1949.

PABLO has been developed for light painting with the iPhone. You can create pictures and video by moving a light source in front of the camera while capturing a long exposure. Alternatively, you can illuminate a subject, shine a point of light directly at the camera, or move the camera itself during exposure.

In the app's 'live view' you can watch as light paintings are created and a community feed lets you see a continuous gallery of light images by PABLO users around the world. Additionally, you can create light paintings by uploading existing video clips. Any lights in the video will freeze to create light trails.  You can find more information in the video below and on the PABLO website. How-to videos are available in the PABLO Youtube channel and if you'd like to try the app yourself you can now install it for free from the App Store