DigiCamControl currently supports most Nikon DSLRs, and support for Canon cameras is in the experimental stage.

After a year of testing, the makers of digiCamControl are officially releasing version 1.0.0 of the free, open-source software that offers remote control over your DSLR camera.

With your camera connected to your Windows PC via USB cable, digiCamControl gives you access to almost all camera controls from your computer. Live view, direct image transfer, multiple camera control, bracketing, automated focus stacking and motion detection are supported. You can further control your camera using a compatible iPhone, iPad or Android device, or set up a second remote computer to direct the camera wirelessly.

Nearly all camera controls are accessible through the software.

DigiCamControl supports almost all digital Nikon DSLRs, and offers experimental support for quite a few Canon models.

DigiCamControl also offers a user manual and a discussion forum on its website.