Cinematographer Martin Lisius has detailed the creation of a 16K 15,985 x 5792 pixels HDR video titled "Prairie Wind." The video was published on Vimeo, though the online version of the video is limited to 8K. According to Lisius, the project involved two Canon EOS 5DS cameras with Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art lenses and a custom-built calibrated mount.

"Prairie Wind" showcases weather over America's Great Plains, according Lisius, who explains in the video description, "I’m fortunate to have grown up on the Great Plains of America where I can touch the sky often. A storm there can transform you ... Finding new ways to convey this experience to others is important to me."

The project involved four months of shooting footage across six Great Plains states and another three months of processing. Lisius estimates "Prairie Wind" contains around 6,100 16K images that were stitched using an 8-core Mac Pro workstation. "Making this short film taught me Jedi-like patience," Lisius said.

Full details on the creation process can be found in the video's description on Vimeo. Samples of the full 16K resolution are available to download for free through file-sharing site WeTransfer and licensing is available through Storm Stock.