Sharing images between smartphones usually involves pairing the devices (tricky if they don't use the same operating system), attaching the files to an email or sending them via a messaging app. A new app called FotoSwipe now offers an easier and quicker alternative, as long as both sending and receiving device have the app installed and are close to each other. The app lets you transfer images by tapping on an image and then swiping your finger from one device to the other. You can share photos with as many people as you want.

There is no need to enable NFC or Bluetooth, register with the service or have any contact information of the receiving phone's owner. We've tried the app and in our tests it worked very well when transferring images from a new Motorola X to an iPhone 6, as long as you swipe in the same direction on both phones. An Android device and iPhone working together in such manner does feels a little bit like magic at first but the app uses some very clever technology to make things happen. Images are transferred via a cloud-server and, according to the makers of the app, immediately deleted afterwards. To match devices FotoSwipe uses up to 10 filters including the device's location data and information from the built-in sensors.

For data transfer via the cloud you need of course a data connection but the app can be configured to only work when connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also reduce the size of the images to minimize data consumption. You have the option to password-protect your transfers but given FotoSwipe uses the cloud and device location to transfer your images it might not be for those concerned about online privacy. Check it out in action in the video below or download from Google Play and the Apple App Store to try it out. 

Source: Android Central