After the hardware news out of Barcelona last week, software has reentered the news this week. App developers are rolling out updates. We rounded up the 5 biggest photo app updates from iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.

1. Fast Camera added Volume Shutter

We looked at Fast Camera in a round up of camera apps last year.

Volume shutter has emerged on yet another iOS camera app. While Apple has previously pulled apps from the App Store for using the feature, a slew of high-profile camera apps have released updates that include the use of the volume-up button as a shutter release. Fast Camera's latest update includes the feature as well as some bug fixes.

From the Fast Camera page on iTunes:

  • VolumeSNAP 
    Now you can start and stop FAST CAMERA with the Volume Buttons on supported devices just like in the Native Camera App.
  • Bug fix for iPhone 5 when using 1.2MP Rear Camera mode. Photos will be much higher quality now and saved at 1280x720 resolution.
  • Fixed a bug causing some settings to be lost on CERTAIN TYPES of iOS versions. You know who you are. 
  • Also, we are working on adding EXIF Meta Data including GPS to photos but we do NOT want to slow down FAST CAMERA. Please give us just a little more time to perfect.

Fast Camera; iOS; $1.99

2. Cinemagraph now available on Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8

The popular Windows Phone 8 lens is now available on Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8—minus the "lens" feature.

Nokia's Cinemagraph lens is now available as an app for Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8. Previously, the animated-gif making app was only available as a Windows Phone 8 lens.

From the Cinemagraph page in the Windows Phone 8 store:

Cinemagraph is a magical blend of photo and movie-like animation, creating pictures that seem almost alive. Helpful on-screen assistance lets you select the animated area of your picture and easily create a cinemagraph. The end result is enchanting.

You can share your cinemagraph with friends via social media, email and messaging. All you need is a Nokia account and a data connection. You simply upload your cinemagraph to a Nokia server and share the link. Share over WiFi or your mobile data connection, and be sure to check your network operator’s data charges first.

Cinemagraph works on all Nokia Lumia phones, but performs best on Nokia Lumia 710, 800 and 900.

Cinemagraph; Windows Phone 7.5, 7.8, 8; Free

3. 500px for Android includes push notifications and comments

Android users can now reply to comments on the photo sharing service 500px.

500px has updated its Android application. The photo sharing service can now send push notifications and allows for commenting on the app. Users who wish to activate the new push notifications must update the app, then log out and back in again.

From the 500px page in the Google Play Store:

This is required to automatically register your account with Google's push notifications services.
Finally, most requested features are now part of this massive release:

  • Push notifications. Get updates when someone follows you, leaves a comment or likes your photos!
  • Reply to comments. Now you can thank your followers by replying to their comments!
  • And, as usual, tons of bug fixes and improvements!

500px; Android; Free 

4. 6x6 and 6x7 get performance enhancements

6x6 is a square-format capture app that allows for manual focus—a great alternative for frustrated Hipstamatic users.

Jaggr, the maker of 645 Pro, has a number of excellent apps in its portfolio. Its 6x6 and 6x7 are apps designed to mimic medium format cameras, allowing for manual focus and exposure control as well as features like on/off flash (no auto), black and white capture, and no digital zooming. 6x6, in particular, seems to be the control-freak's answer to Hipstamatic's auto filter and focusing. Jaggr is vague about this latest update, but its worth a look if 6x6 and 6x7 have been bugging out on your phone.

From Jaggr:

Release 3.10 introduces a range of performance enhancements along with minor bug-fixes.

6x6; iOS; $.99 / 6x7; iOS; $.99

5. Camera Awesome celebrate its birthday, officially announces Android app

The free Camera Awesome app was downloaded 13 million times in its first year.

Last year, we brought you the news that SmugMug's Camera Awesome was looking for Android developers. They seem to have found the right folks because the iOS app officially told press this week that an Android app will be coming out soon, though they did not specify when. 

Camera Awesome also celebrated its first birthday this week with a press release  announcing that it had 13 million downloads 250 million photos shared in the first year.

From Camera Awesome:

“What started as a passion project to create a quality photo app, Camera Awesome has grown to exceed every expectation for us and our amazing users,” said Don MacAskill, CEO and Chief Geek of SmugMug. “We couldn’t be more thankful to the millions of people around the world who have tapped, snapped, filtered, ‘cowbelled’ and ‘koala-sneezed’ us all the way to top of the App Store charts. And we’re not stopping there – stay tuned for our Android app launching very soon.”

Camera Awesome; iOS; Free