Moment has launched a new photography case and lenses for the iPhone X, all of them currently listed for preorder on the company's website. The protective case, which is simply called Photo Case, is black with a canvas or optional walnut wood backing, and is joined by wide-angle, macro, super fisheye, and telephoto lens options.

The lenses attached directly to the Photo Case.

Moment's system gives the iPhone X—and select other phones—a sort of interchangeable lens system, enabling photographers to quickly attach and remove various lenses to the device as needed. The Photo Case doubles as a slim protective case, featuring microsuede on the inside, a thin rubberized body, and support for an optional wrist strap.

The lenses, meanwhile, are made with glass and feature Moment's new bayonet system for locking the lens to the case. Moment explains that its lenses are durable due to the use of "aerospace grade metal" and a unique hardening process. The company offers a 12-month warranty for their lenses.

The Moment for iPhone X is available to preorder at the following prices:

  • Photo Case: $30
  • Wide Lens: $100
  • Superfish Lens: $90
  • Macro Lens: $90
  • Tele Lens: $100