Popular iOS app VSCO Cam is coming to Android.

Android smartphone photographers wanted: VSCO Cam is looking for beta testers to play with its new Android app before its official release.

VSCO Cam is a popular iOS photo app that allows users to edit and share their photos in a different way than Instagram, Oggl and EyeEm. Instead of focusing on "likes" and other social media staples, VSCO Cam is more like a gallery, without quantifying user interaction. VSCO Cam also allows for full-resolution importing and exporting as well as the viewing of information like the editing tools used on the photo and geolocation data.

From VSCO:

We have been hard at work creating VSCO Cam™ for Android. But before we release it to the masses, we need your help. We are in search of beta testers who love mobile photography and Android devices. Beta testing is not always glamorous but is required to provide the Android photography community with the best VSCO Cam™ possible. We are looking for dedicated, passionate people who can test the app, find bugs and provide constructive feedback.

Interested Android photographers can become a VSCO Cam beta tester here.