Topaz Labs has released Topaz Studio 2, the latest version of its image post-processing software. According to the company, Topaz Studio 2 exists to fulfill one need: ‘creative photo editing.’ The company has introduced some major changes to the software, not the least of which is including all of the software's effects rather than requiring users to purchase them separately.

Topaz Studio 2 is a non-destructive layer-based image editor that features filters, as well as selection and masking with a variety of adjustment tools, including an edge-aware brush and tools for adding and adjusting gradients, colors, and luminance. These features are joined by a spot tool that enables users to 'emphasize a certain subject' in images, as well.

Topaz is including a number of unique filters with Topaz Studio 2, including an AI-powered sharpening/noise-removal tool called AI Clear, a micro-contrast filter called Precision Contrast, a detail-enhancement filter called Precision Detail and a B&W conversion engine that powers the software's Black and White filter.

Topaz Studio 2 also includes more than 200 one-click tone and texture effects, a feature called Impression that turns photos into ‘paintings,’ and a light effects tool called Glow.

The software is available now with the retail price of $99.99 USD and a temporarily discounted rate of $79.99 USD. A large number of tutorials for Topaz Studio 2 can be found on the Topaz Labs website, including this introductory post.