VicamPlus promises to turn your iPhone into a waterproof camera with a wide-angle, fisheye and macro lens, and is compatible with all GoPro accessories.

We're seeing more and more options for action-oriented mobile photography that allows smartphone photographers to get the shot they want while protecting their hardware. 

While GoPro products have been the on-the-go digicam choice for capturing extreme sports stills and video for a while now, some new hardcore camera phone cases enable users to achieve similar shots safely from their smartphone.

#1. VicamPlus

The VicamPlus is one such solution: It encompasses the iPhone 5 in a clear, black or white protective waterproof case with three possible lens add-ons incorporated into the design. (Though the VicamPlus Kickstarter project page lists these as a wide-angle, fisheye and "micro" lenses, we're pretty sure they meant to say "macro.") If the project makes it to market, its designers anticipate selling the VicamPlus for $99 USD.

VicamPlus will also market numerous mounting accessories for capturing images from various angles on a car, helmet, bicycle or other moving object. A four-wheeled pully which quite closely resembles a single roller skate could also be fun for capturing video with the VicamPlus, and is compatible with your DSLR too.

#2. Optrix XD 

The Optrix XD5 is already available for your iPhone 5 for $130 USD.

Waterproof to a depth of 15 feet, the XD5 features an all-glass, three-element, wide-angle lens attachment. The XD4 for iPhone 4 is available for slightly less at $100. 

#3. G-Form G90

The G90, which we were highly impressed with in its prototype form at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, features a 140-degree wide-angle lens attachment that converts the phone’s rear-facing camera into one which captures the action from the top of the device. A compatible app helps you control capture via voice commands, and can also correct the perspective of the wide-angle images. The G90 provides a sturdy waterproof plastic casing around the phone, and offers additional protection using G-Form’s Reactive Protection Technology (RPT) to cushion your device from impact. 

The slim profile of the G90 could be mounted to a helmet, bike handles or even underneath a skateboard. Due out in June for the Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, iPod touch generation 5 and other smartphones, pricing is not yet available.

Let's hear from you: Are there any similar accessories for your smartphone you've been using?