The makers of the CamFi wireless DSLR controller have launched a new version of their iOS app. It now allows the user to transfer photos to Dropbox in real-time while shooting. The new feature is aimed at photojournalists who want to send images to news desks as quickly as possible but can arguably be useful in other scenarios as well.

To make the system work, photographers need a so-called MiFi, a portable broadband device that allows multiple mobile devices to share a 3G or 4G mobile broadband Internet connection, or a second phone that is acting as a mobile hot-spot. Both the CamFi that is attached to the DSLR via a USB-cable and the phone that is running the CamFi app are then connected to the MiFi. This way, the CamFi can be controlled via the app and access the Internet at the same time.

As images are captured they are sent from the CamFi to the control phone via Wi-Fi and uploaded from the phone to Dropbox via the MiFi's internet connection. This works for both Raw and JPEG files. The same system can be setup when controlling CamFi from a Windows PC. The developers say Mac and Android versions will be released very soon.