Hot on the heels of ProGrade Digital’s new 1TB CFexpress Type B card, Delkin Devices has unveiled its new 2TB CFexpress Type B card, the highest-capacity CFexpress Type B card to date.

The new CFexpress Type B cards use a PCIe 3.0 interface and NVMe storage to achieve read and write speeds up to 1,730MB/s and 1,430MB/s, respectively, meaning it’s not only higher-capacity than ProGrade Digital’s ‘Gold label’ cards, but also faster. Delkin Devices says each of its cards undergoes ‘extensive testing to ensure full functionality and performance’ with the latest CFexpress compatible camera systems.

A compatibility chart from Delkin Digital showing what cameras the card has already been approved for use in and what camera models it's currently testing the cards with.

In addition to the standard lifetime warranty, these new cards also come with Delkin Device’s 48HR Replacement Guarantee, which states that Delkin Devices ‘will happily replace any non-working card within 48 hours or less (not including weekends), prior to receiving your non-working card.’ In the event you have an authorized Delkin Devices retailer nearby, you can also pick up the replacement in-person — just be sure to register your card.

No pricing or availability information is given, but Delkin’s 1TB version of this card has a list price of $1,000 but is currently available for $700 at Adorama and $890 at B&H. Since the press release is live, we expect the 2TB model to be available soon.