Motorola has yet to officially announce the details of its new Moto X device, though it has this teaser up on its website.

Ever since Motorola was acquired by Google in 2011, Android fans have expected a cutting edge smartphone from the partnership. By combining the hardware expertise of Motorola with the Android platform, a Google-made smartphone is expected to emerge sometime soon. The Moto X, Motorola's latest smartphone, could be what Android fans have been waiting for.

Details of the Moto X are still unavailable, though Motorola is currently promoting it as a customizable device, that is "designed, engineered and assembled in the USA."

In a video by Canadian retailer Rogers, a few unique features of the Moto X are revealed. In the video, the Moto X is apparently able to respond to voice commands without the pressing of a manual voice activation button, has an advanced notification system and features a super fast camera access tool.

The video has since disappeared, but a report of the camera feature claims that the Moto X will access the camera when the user performs two quick twists of the phone in a row. Once the camera is activated, users can tap anywhere on the screen to capture a photo instead of touching a dedicated shutter button.

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