In the past we've usually found high-end Windows Mobile devices to have excellent cameras and, with a dedicated shutter button, to be quite photography-centric in general. Nevertheless, the Windows platform has been largely ignored by the makers of Instagram, arguably the most popular mobile image sharing app. Beta versions for Windows Phone have been available before but they tend to come late and offer a less comprehensive feature set than the iOS and Android counterparts.

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Now it seems that users of the latest version of the Microsoft mobile OS, Windows 10, might be luckier than those of previous iterations. Microsoft has made a beta version of Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile available in the Windows Store and although it lacks some of the more sophisticated editing features overall it looks pretty close to the iOS and Android versions. 

You can sign in via Facebook, do some basic editing, apply all the usual filters and then share your Instagrams via the most popular social networks. There is also a welcome message that asks to provide feedback if you find any bugs or malfunctions while using the beta version. If you own a Windows 10 Mobile phone and want to get going with Instagram you can download the app from the Windows Store now.

Via: Windows Central