After 4 million downloads of its iOS Repix app in only  five months, Sumoing decided to launch an Android version of its creative effects and editing app. Like its iOS sibling, the Android version features 30 brushes including grunge and color boosting effects that can be "painted" on images, as well as a series of filters and frames. Interesting news for Samsung Galaxy Note users, the new Android Repix supports pressure sensitivity with Samsung's S-Pen — a feature rarely found on mobile devices. (Wacom recently announced a pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad,  but its pressure sensitivity works with only a limited number of software apps.)

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Repix for Android also supports the Samsung Galaxy S4 Air View technology. Just hover your finger over the image to see the size of the brush. It's kind of cool technology and will save your screen from extra smudges but we think it's just as easy to make contact with the screen. 

One of the new features for both iOS and Android Repix is the Raven brush, part of the Live collection of brushes, which adds flocks of birds to an image.
While Repix is mostly about adding effects and filters, the app has basic editing features as well, including the ability to adjust brightness.

A few days before Repix for Android was announced, the iOS version received some updates including the new Raven Brush, along with a new chalk brush. If you like your photos really grunged out, you may like the latest addition to the grunge collection so you can paint on cracks and other damaging effects.  

Both apps are free to download but you'll have to shell out some extra dough to add the really cool brushes via in-app purchases.