Instagram users employ the #JJ hashtag to share images using a daily theme, as well as large-scale projects like this mural of  participant-submitted images for the ALT hotel in Toronto, Canada. 

Photographer Josh Johnson, who uses the handle @joshjohnson, has become a pied piper of sorts within the Instagram world, rallying others to further explore mobile photography through the #JJ hashtag on Instagram. 

"We get together every day to nurture creativity," Johnson explained. "Not as a scheduled activity or an abstract idea -- for us, watching, creating and sharing has become a better way of being in the world."

Johnson encourages participation through the #JJ Daily Forum.

"Every morning, at 9 a.m. New York time, I post the theme for the day," Johnson said. "Simply follow the instructions on the post to add your images to the day's gallery."

Johnson celebrates the work of participants by sharing images with the #JJ hashtag and calling out what's working in the shot.

Johnson and his supporters who help maintain the #JJ community feed also encourage engagement with their "1-2-3 rule," which asks posters that for every image they tag to comment on two other images and like three more.

Since its inception, more than 20 million images have been posted with the #JJ hashtag.

The community has also participated in large-scale projects, such as a mural made from participant-submitted images for the ALT hotel in Toronto, Canada. 

An app is also in the works, you can follow its progress through the @our_new_app feed.