Production studio and early VR adopter Condition One has created its own rugged VR camera for internal use called 'Bison,' a name which references the first thing the company’s founder Danfung Dennis recorded with an early prototype. The camera won't be put up for sale, and will instead be used to help create future VR features.

The company showcased Bison at NAB recently; the rig features a total of 16 cameras that produce 360-degree stereoscopic 3D videos with 3D positional audio. Videos are recorded at 48 fps with a combined 5.7K resolution. According to Condition One’s website, Bison can shoot footage at distances as close as 60cm/2ft, has a 2 hour recording time, a thermal management system, custom aluminum rig, custom carbon fiber tripod, remote trigger with a 792m/2600ft range and tablet control.

Final footage is created using Condition One's proprietary 3D 360 stitching algorithms and software; the company describes the process as being 'a fully automated production pipeline' that it claims is the fastest and highest quality in the industry. Companies and teams interested in creating movies with Bison will need to team up with the studio to gain access.

Via: Wired