The HTC One's much-hyped "ultrapixel" technology continues to draw praise as well as skepticism from the mobile photography community. 

While you should never believe everything you read on the Internet on April Fool’s day, you can trust yesterday’s AT&T announcement that the HTC One will be available for $199 starting April 19. The 32GB version of the “ultrapixel” smartphone is priced at $199 while the AT&T-exclusive 64GB model will cost $299. AT&T claims that they are the only U.S. retailer offering a 64GB HTC One. Meanwhile, T-Mobile promises to sell the One for $99 up front, but an official announcement with details about timing has not yet been made.

Update: Sprint has announced it too will have the HTC One by April 19, also selling the 32GB model for $199, available for pre-order starting this Friday.

The HTC One made waves when it was released with so-called "ultrapixel" camera technology—fewer, larger pixels on a sensor that's the same size as those used in many high-megapixel camera phones. The result is a 4MP backside-illuminated CMOS sensor that HTC claims can capture 300% more light than competing hardware.

We recently put HTC's ultrapixels to the test.