Yesterday, Google introduced its pretty impressive new PhotoScan app and presented RAISR, an upsampling method that uses machine learning. You would think that was enough innovation in imaging for one day, but no, Google also implemented some pretty interesting upgrades to its Photos app that be found pre-installed on most Android smartphones and is also available for iOS devices and on the web.

A new auto enhance function balances exposure and saturation in order to maximize detail at the tap of a button. For those who prefer more manual input, advanced editing controls for light and color allow you to fine tune your images using a range of sliders for highlights, shadows and warmth among others. The Deep Blue parameter allows for partial adjustment of the blue tones in images of sea and sky and there is an equivalent slider for fine-tuning skin tones. 

In addition there are 12 new smart filters that Google calls looks. Looks use machine learning to analyze the contents of an image and then make edits based on brightness, darkness, warmth, or saturation before the final filter is applied. If you want to try the new features you won't have to wait. The upgraded Google Photos app is rolling out today across Android, iOS and the web.