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A rare Nikon F SLR camera with the original cloth-type shutter and a Nippon Kogaku Tokyo Japan 1:1.4 F = 50mm lens has surfaced in an eBay auction. Per the listing and product photos, this camera was the 87th unit to come off the production line; it was originally owned by the seller's deceased grandfather who is said to have collected hundreds of cameras during his lifetime.

The Nikon F SLR was developed by Nippon Kogaku in the late 1950s and launched in 1959. The very first models off the production line used the same cloth shutter curtains as the Nikon SP. Nikon switched to using much more durable titanium shutter curtains in all subsequent F bodies, and it is estimated that Nikon produced only around 100 Nikon F SLR units with a cloth shutter before switching to titanium.

The seller started the auction at 99 cents without a 'reserve' price, and it currently sits with a bid of $4,050. The auction ends this upcoming Sunday.