Cross-platform Raw image processing program RawTherapee has announced its most recent update, version 5.6, which brings along new features and tools to improve the image editing experience.

The flagship feature in RawTherapee 5.6 is new Pseudo-HiDPI support that now makes the interface appear smooth and sharp across various displays regardless of screen size or resolution. The RawTherapee team says Pseudo-HiDPI is enabled by default and uses the font size, DPI and display settings from your computer to to create the best image possible.1

An illustration provided by RawTherapee highlighting the new Pseudo-HiDPI mode.

A new 'Unclipped' processing profile has also been added 'to make it easy to save an image while preserving data across the whole tonal range.' RawTherapee 5.6 also has a new user-adjustable tiles-per-thread setting 'for users who want to find optimal values for their system.' Hundreds of other overall improvements have been made as well behind-the-scenes for improved performance.

RawTherapee is free to download for Linux, macOS and Windows computers. The developers behind RawTherapee have created a helpful Wiki to explain the tools as well as a 'Getting Started' article to help kickstart anew users

1 It's worth noting though that there have been issues with certain macOS display settings interfering with the Pseudo-HiDPI mode though, so if you run into any issues, it might be best to turn this feature off for the meantime.