Lomography has launched a new model in its range of instant film cameras today. The Lomo’Instant Panama Edition is technologically very similar to the other cameras in the Lomo’Instant range but features a design that according to Lomography has been inspired by "the lusty smell of rainforests, the rumble of tamborito drums, and the salty taste of the air as you sail through beautiful tropical islands".

Like other Lomo’Instant cameras the Panama Edition captures images on Fuji Instax Mini film with an exposure area of 42 x 64mm. It also offers some manual control over the exposure process, allowing for shutter speeds from 1/125sec to Bulb mode for long-exposure and up to +/- 2EV exposure compensation. You can also shoot multiple exposures and the camera comes with a standard tripod mount and a built-in flash.

The Lomo’Instant Panama Edition is $105 on its own or comes in a kit with close-up, portrait and fisheye lenses that will set you back $129. The box also contains a range of colored gel filters but no film or battery. More information is available on the Lomography website.