ProGrade Digital has announced the release of the CFexpress Type A Cobalt, a new lineup that offers read and write speeds of 800MB/s and 700MB/s, respectively, at a relatively affordable price.

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While the CFexpress Type A format is smaller than the more ubiquitous SD card – and up to three times faster – the format has struggled to take hold, for two reasons in particular. First, Sony is the only camera manufacturer that currently has cameras with the slot and support to use the media. Second, CFexpress Type A cards tend to be quite a bit more expensive than SD cards with the same capacity, which leads many shooters opting to stick with the SD cards they have.

While ProGrade can’t exactly address the former of those problems, it’s doing what it can to address the latter with its latest lineup.

ProGrade says its new CFexpress Type A Cobalt cards deliver VPG 400 performance (sustained write speeds of at least 400MB/s) and offers maximum write speeds of 700MB/s, which should be more than enough to record up to 8K ProRes 422 HQ video for supported cameras.

The 160GB ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type A Cobalt card (the only capacity available at this time) is available to pre-order on ProGrade’s website for $330.