Skylum plans to launch Luminar 4 this Fall, an upgrade for its popular photo editing software. The company recently announced that one of the major features that will be included in the latest version of the software is the AI Sky Replacement Tool. Skylum has been developing its artificial intelligence technology for years and is confident in the accuracy they provide photo editors.

The video above, published yesterday, walks us through the user interface. However, their Director of Education hosting the short clip warns that the feature is still in beta and the layout may look different when it is released for public use. The AI Sky Replacement Tool takes photos with basic, bland skies and makes them more interesting with a variety of templates including moody clouds and majestic sunsets.

Enhancing the sky on a photo is a pretty straightforward process. Photo editors simply select the AI Sky Replacement filter from the filters catalog on the right-hand side, adjust the camera amount slider, and next use the texture slider to select different skies. One user in the video's comment section pointed out that using the same selection of skies could create a repetitive effect for photographers across the board. Fortunately, Skylum will allow users to upload their own sky files.

As the video clip illustrates, the AI Sky Replacement Tool automatically detects the sky, identifies its angle, and applies a replacement to make the photo more dynamic while maintaining a realistic look. The software is able to detect exactly where the sky begins and ends. The author walks through a few examples where the artificial intelligence employed can detect columns on a building and semi-transparent areas found with trees and shrubbery. Accent AI can be used to life foreground shadows as well.

The AI Sky Replacement tool is one of the many AI tools that will be released with Luminar 4 this Fall. For those who want to be the first to know about updates, and when it'll be released, email sign up is available here.