As if $13,950 wasn’t enough to pay for a special edition lens, the Leica Store in San Francisco is offering a prototype of the Noctilux-M f/0.95 ASPH ‘Edition 0.95’ for $24,995. The Edition 0.95 is already a limited run version of the ‘standard’ $11,000 version of the lens, that comes finished in Leica’s new anodized high-gloss black instead of black paint.

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There are only 95 of the ‘Edition 0.95’ lenses worldwide, which have unpainted engravings, but it isn’t clear how many Prototype B models exist. Needless to say, we’d hope there are fewer than 95.

The store’s website says that this specific model has the words ‘Prototype B’ in white paint on its underside, and that it will come with a matte black lens cap instead of the usual glossy one. Despite the store only having one example of this lens, thrill seekers can still add ten or more to their virtual shopping basket.

For more information see the San Francisco Leica Store website.

Store information

Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f0.95 ASPH. "Edition 0.95" Prototype B

The Noctilux 0.95 Edition is one of the most unique noctilux lenses ever to roll off Leica's production lines in Wetzlar. Built to resolve past the capabilities that are known in any other fast primes or even the faculties of human vision, the Noctilux is a legendary benchmark of photographic optical engineering. This special "0.95 Edition" is limited, respectively, to 95 units world wide and stands visual representation of the elegantly unique images the Noctilux creates. Featuring the same optical design as the regular Noctilux 50mm 0.95 ASPH this special edition has an added bit of elegance. The exterior of the "0.95 Edition" features Leica's newly developed high-gloss anodized aluminum surface. The markings on the lens are left unpainted except one, the 0.95 f-stop mark.

This lens will be available in extremely limited quantities worldwide, and Leica Store SF/Camera West Boutiques will have very limited stock. If you have any questions concerning the availability of this lens please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] or call 415.801.5066.

This specific lens is a prototype of this already rare blend of Leica and S.T. Dupont craftsmanship. This could very well be one of the most collectible 0.95 Noctilux's on the market today. The Prototype reads "prototyp B" the the back side of the barrel, and features a matte black cap instead of the glossy cap that comes with other 0.95 edition lenses.