Huawei started the trend only a few months ago with the P20 Pro, but it seems as though triple-camera setups on smartphones will be the norm in the very near future. We learned recently that LG's upcoming flagship V40 ThinQ will come with both an ultra-wide-angle and a tele-camera next to its "standard" lens.

Now it appears Samsung will be the next major manufacturer to follow suit. We have heard rumors about a Galaxy S10 triple-cam before but a newly leaked specs table has revealed what's suspected to be the complete camera specification.

The main camera looks unchanged from the Galaxy S9+, with a 12MP sensor (1.4µm pixels) and Samsung's F1.5 / F2.4 dual aperture. The tele-camera comes with a slightly increased pixel count (13MP vs 12Mp on the S9+) but retains the F2.4 aperture and 1.0µm pixel size. Both lenses are optically stabilized.

The ultra wide camera is completely new, however, and according to the leak will offer a 123° field of view and feature a 16MP sensor and F1.9 aperture. "Beyond" is Samsung's internal code name for the S10 of which three models are expected to be announced in the first quarter 2019. The camera specification above is likely reserved for the top-end model.

The S10 won't be Samsung's first triple-camera, however. The Korean manufacturer has already released the Galaxy A7. The mid-ranger has to make do without a tele-camera, though, and instead reserves one of its camera for depth-sensing for a simulated bokeh-effect.