Perfectly Clear's Android app  now allows exposure and focus to be set individually by tapping on the screen.
A long list of photo options include gridlines and a virtual level.

Athentech just updated its Perfectly Clear image correction app for Android with some very useful camera control features. Focus and exposure points can be selected individually with a single tap. While tap-to-focus is fairly common for mobile cameras, the ability to choose the point of exposure metering should be especially helpful in challenging lighting situations such as backlit scenes.

Other notable camera controls five shooting modes. These include:

  • Normal
  • Burst, which is a high speed  continuous mode shooting up to 30fps
  • HDR (high dynamic range), which shoots multiple photos of the same scene and combines them with options to produce a realistic or artistic effect
  • Panorama (horizontal or vertical)
  • Portrait, with automatic face, blink and smile detection
Thanks to Perfectly Clear's new camera controls, photographers now have 5 capture modes to choose from.

Other notable features of version 2 are a gridline overlay along with a dual-axis level (left/right and up/down) to help keep horizons and straight edges aligned. A stabilizer function uses motion detection and a red light/green light indicator to alert you to when the camera is still enough (no handshake) to take a picture.

Of course, Perfectly Clear continues to function as an image correction app as well. The app is scheduled to launch today on Google Play for $2.99.