Darktable 3.0, the latest version of the open source photo editing software DPR reported on early last month, has officially been released. As revealed when the first release candidate was made available for public testing, Darktable 3.0 brings a number of large changes and improvements to the software, including a reworked GUI that makes it possible to apply full themes to the software.

'Darktable' will be the default theme in Darktable 3.0, but users will also be able to use alternatives like the 'Darktable Elegant Dark,' a lighter version of the theme, and 'Darktable Elegant Darker,' which has more condensed fonts best used with the Roboto font, according to the developers.

GUI changes aside, Darktable 3.0 adds a number of improvements and new features, including 'many changes' to the 'denoise (profiled)' module, a rewrite of the previous Picasa export module that switches it over to Google Photos, the addition of new 'RGB Curve' and 'RGB Levels' modules, a new 'Basic Adjustments' module, new color pickers for modules like 'Watermark' and 'Split Toning,' what the developers refer to as 'many code optimizations' for SSE and CPU paths and much more.

In addition to the new features and improvements, Darktable 3.0 includes several bug fixes and support for additional camera models, noise profiles and white balance presets. As expected, the latest version of the software is free to download on Windows, macOS and Linux.