The Godox A1 smartphone flash trigger is finally official. After being announced unofficially over Facebook and teased further with some studio portrait samples, the phone flash and 2.4GHz flash trigger is now available for pre-order.

Chinese company Godox is a rising star in the lighting world thanks to a growing repertoire of affordable, surprisingly versatile and often innovative speedlight and monolight options. The Godox A1 arguably falls into that last "innovative" category: a device that can act as a flash or a remote trigger designed specifically for use with smartphones.

The unit itself features a 1W 'modeling lamp' and a daylight-balanced 8W flash with 5 different power settings between 1/1 and 1/16, but chances are good photographers won't be using those two options. What's more interesting is the 2.4GHz trigger built into the unit, which allows you to control Godox's own X system gear wirelessly using an iPhone app.

Capturing professional-looking, artificial light portraits with a smartphone seems a bit more feasible now.

The flash trigger costs $70 and is available for pre-order starting today. Out of the box, the Godox A1 will be compatible with iPhone 6s and newer Apple phones, but Android support is coming soon, starting with Huawei and Samsung phones in September (which might be before the flash arrives on anybody's doorstep anyhow).

To learn more about the Godox A1, or if you want to pre-order your own, head over to the Godox website by clicking here. And be sure to keep an eye out for a review of the Godox A1 in the coming month: a test unit is winging its way to the DPReview offices as I type this.