Adobe has offered a sneak peek look at the Content-Aware Fill update it will be bringing to Photoshop in the near future. The changes are introduced by Photoshop Product Manager Meredith Stotzner, who explains that Adobe plans to add new 'Auto' and 'Custom' sampling area options to the tool when it is opened using the application's Edit menu, these joining the existing 'Rectangular' option.

By tapping its Sensei AI technology, the Content-Aware Fill's new Auto option will analyze the image, find the pixels immediately bordering a selection and then apply the fill using those pixels for an improved final result. The Custom option, meanwhile, gives users complete control over the sampling area selection so that users can 'brush [their] sampling area from scratch,' according to Stotzner.

A demonstration of both of these new capabilities have been shared by Adobe in the video above. The company says it will be introducing Auto and Custom to Content-Aware Fill soon, but it hasn't provided a specific release date at this time. The video indicates the update will arrive before the end of the year.