Saramonic has launched three new entry-level microphones that are designed for use with mirrorless system cameras and SLRs. The PMIC range is aimed at those users who would like to try out filmmaking with a DSLR and want better sound than the cameras' built-in microphones can provide.

The Saramonic Super Cardioid Unidirectional Condenser Microphone PMIC1 is lightweight and comes with a shotgun style design that allows for easy attachment to a cold shoe mount. It features a low cut filter (100 Hz) that helps reduce low frequency noise and improves the intelligibility of dialogue. The PMIC doesn’t require a battery and connects directly to the cameras 3.5mm socket. A foam windscreen is included in the package.

The Saramonic Stereo Condenser Microphone PMIC2 and the Saramonic Surround Condenser Microphone PMIC3 offer all the same features as PMIC1 but in addition come with an alternative 75Hz low cut filter to deal with even lower frequencies. The PMIC2 also adds stereo to the mix, while the PMIC3 is a surround condenser microphone. The Saramonic PMIC series is now available in the UK at £62.34 ($80) for the PMIC1, £87.54 ($113) for the PMIC2 and £124.74 ($161) for the PMIC3. No pricing and availability for other regions has been announced yet.