On October 3, camera collector Ilya Stolyar was at the Berlin Central Station in Germany when a thief stole his backpack containing rare Soviet camera prototypes. Stolyar describes these cameras as incredibly rare and highly valuable, the kind that would be sold through auction houses for, in some cases, substantial sums of money.

Stolyar spoke with PetaPixel about the theft, saying, 'These cameras pretty much are one of a kind factory prototypes that cost some really serious money on collectors market. You can probably trade some of these cameras for cars. Those are pretty much Christie’s-grade cameras.'

Unfortunately, Stolyar has not recovered the cameras at this time, though he is offering a reward to those help get any of the cameras back. His contact information can be found in this forum post. Among the stolen items were the following rare cameras:

  • FED 20 
  • FED Romashka Serial 210120
  • Elicon 35C Prototype
  • Elicon 35C MMZ
  • Zenit 19 Prototype (Belomo)
  • Zenit APK (Belomo)
  • Zenit ET Prototype
  • Agat 18 Belomo
  • and Lens
  • Yantar 5 MCE prototype

Via: PetaPixel