Instagram has started rolling out a new feature to all accounts: an option to include multiple photos and videos in a single post. Starting with version 10.9 for iOS and Android, users can now select up to ten photos and videos to assemble slideshow-style posts.

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Creating slideshows is simple. Start a new post and instead of choosing one image, tap the 'select multiple' option to begin selecting images. You'll be able to drag and drop to re-order images before finalizing the post. In your Instagram feed, blue dots on the bottom of the post are your cue that a post is flippable.

Around town with the Panasonic GX850.

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Instagram users will recognize slideshows, since they've been an option for advertisers for a couple of years. It wasn't clear until recently whether Instagram would offer the feature to regular schmoes like us, but here we are. One gripe photographers may have though is that the feature forces the 1:1 crop on all slideshow content, unlike individual photo posts.

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