Adobe Photoshop for iPad and Desktop have received a pair of updates, bringing new and improved features to Adobe’s image editing program.

Adobe Photoshop for iPad now has the Healing Brush tool. Just as you can with the desktop version, the Healing Brush tool in Photoshop for iPad will help to correct imperfections in images by intelligently sampling pixels from elsewhere in the scene. This can be done with your finger as well as with a connected Apple Pencil.

Adobe has also brought its Magic Wand tool to Photoshop for iPad. Using Adobe Sensei technology, Photoshop for iPad can now quickly extract objects from a scene to be moved, cut out or adjusted. As with on the desktop version, tolerance and other characteristics can be adjusted to get the best results possible.

Lastly, Photoshop for iPad now has Canvas Projection, which allows you to display a live view of the Photoshop canvas to an external monitor, TV or projector via HDMI or USB-C. When using Canvas Projection, the Photoshop interface won’t be shown on the external display, giving you a full screen view of the image you’re working on.

Moving onto Photoshop for Desktop, Adobe has added a collection of new skies to choose from with its Sky Replacement tool and has added the ability to import up to 5,000 skies at a time. Adobe has also updates its Transform Warp tool to include independent Bezier handles so you can more accurately warp and adjust accordingly.

Adobe has also opened up a new Photoshop Beta Program. Creative Cloud members can now download beta versions of Photoshop from the Creative Cloud desktop application to test stability and performance of upcoming releases. This also means being able to test new Photoshop features before they go live for the public. Beta testers are asked to provide feedback, which can be given in-app or over on the Photoshop Ecosystem Adobe Community.

The latest versions of Photoshop for iPad and Photoshop for Desktop should be available to download through the iOS App Store and Creative Cloud desktop app, respectively. If you don’t see them available for download, restart your device and check again.