BlackRapid, the company behind the ConnectR and FastenR system, has launched its new WandeR Bundle: a smartphone safety tether system that works with "almost all phone and case combinations." The system is comprised of a TPU-coated nylon tether tab, which lies flat inside of a phone's case between the inside of the case and the rear of the smartphone.

The flat tether tab features a small loop that protrudes through the phone case's charging port opening; a separate tether strap is then connected to the tab's loop using a 10mm cam lock. The tether strap can be looped over the user's wrist, keeping the phone safe from accidental drops, or it can be attached to a bag strap or belt via an included 10-20mm POM plastic carabiner.

The WandeR Bundle is available from BlackRapid now for $20.