Rumors that Ricoh will lose the right to use the Pentax brand name in 2020 are being denied by the company. In a statement, Ricoh acknowledged that the Pentax name belongs to Hoya but explained that there are no restrictions on Ricoh using it in the camera business.

The rumors first appeared on the Pentax Rumors website in an article that claimed that Ricoh’s license to use the Pentax name would expire in 2020. According to the rumor, this served as the reason for no new announcements in some time. Ricoh, however, states that it will introduce new items in the future, and will continue to use the Pentax name for its cameras.

In a statement to DPReview, a Ricoh spokesperson said:

'No, [the rumor] is not a fact.

Hoya is the owner of the PENTAX trademark, but there are no restrictions or limitations attached for RICOH to use the PENTAX brand in the camera business.

We will continue to offer the PENTAX brand products including new items.'

There's no telling what might come from the Pentax brand next, but now there's confirmation straight from the source that the Pentax brand will continue to live on via Ricoh.