German lens maker Meyer-Optik has launched the Nocturnus 50 F0.95 II, a super-fast manual-focus standard lens for the Sony E-Mount that is optimized for use with full-frame sensors, but also works with APS-C cameras. 

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The lens comes with a focal length of 50mm and an aperture range from F0.95 to F22, offering lots of flexibility, both when shooting in low light and in terms of depth-of-field. The lens design features 10 elements in 7 groups and ensures high levels of sharpness in the focus-plane. Meyer-Optik says the 15 aperture blades with anti-reflective coating create a pleasant bokeh with circular highlights. The Nocturnus has a minimum focus distance of 50cm and weighs 680 grams. Manual focus control and the stepless aperture ring operate almost silently, making the Nocturnus an interesting option for video applications. 

The Nocturnus 50 F0.95 II will be available from January 1st for €3000 (approximately $3225). More information is available on the Meyer-Optik-Görlitz website.

Nocturnus 50 F0.95 II samples provided by Meyer-Optik