Vimeo has announced the arrival of HDR to its streaming video platform, making it possible to upload and view up to 8K HDR 10-bit content containing more than one billion colors. Though many monitors and TVs aren't capable of displaying this type of content, an increasing number of consumer devices are, such as the iPhone X and Galaxy S8 smartphones.

Vimeo announced the expanded support last Thursday, explaining that it is the only video hosting platform that offers HDR content to the iPhone X, iPad Pro, and Apple TV 4K (take that YouTube). The support for 10-bit content means being able to display 1 billion colors versus 16 million, which should help eliminate color banding.

Videos that take advantage of this new support are able to present more than 75% of the colors a human eye can perceive, a huge jump from the typical 35% range. "Expect to see details on HDR for more codecs (like VP9) in the upcoming year," the company explained in a blog post. Vimeo offers in-depth details about its technology in the video below: