Flickr has announced a new printing service that allows members to order prints, wall art, frames and printed mugs directly from their photostream. Developed in conjunction with SmugMug the service uses print houses in Minnesota, California and Scotland to fulfill the orders, as well as Blurb and Chatbooks for the photo book services.

The new service appears on the user’s photostream, image viewing and home pages as a Print menu item at the top of the page and/or a shopping cart at the bottom. Clicking either of these icons opens a new dialogue with product choices that include paper prints, wall art, desk art and keepsakes. The paper print section is divided into regular print sizes that fit standard frames, ‘other sizes’, panoramic prints and square sizes. The smallest print is 5 x 3.5in and the largest on offer is 20 x 30in.

When choosing canvases the site shows the area of the image that will be lost to the wrap. Print previews also show when the proportions of the image don't match that of the paper

The wall art section contains options for canvas prints, framed images as well as printing on to metal and acrylic. Clicking on the photobook option takes you into a Flickr dedicated section of the Blurb website.

As a guide, 6x4in prints cost $0.76 each – with no apparent discount for multiple copies of the same image – and a 30x20in print will cost $22.80. Postage for print orders seems to be $14.59 however many you order, whether one or a hundred.

For more information see the Flickr prints information page.


Print Boldly with photo prints on Flickr

We’re thrilled to bring every photographer on Flickr a new professional-quality printing experience. Whether you’re a passionate beginner or a seasoned Pro, you can now order prints from the best pro labs around the world, capturing the beauty of the images that mean the most to you.

How does it work?

Whether you want to order a statement piece for a space you’re decorating or paper prints to share with family and friends, you can shop print products with just a few clicks.
Log in to your Flickr account and select the brand new Prints menu item in the upper navigation. You’ll be able to select the photo you want to print, choose the product style, size, and finish and add to cart. When you’re done making your selection, go to your cart and check out.

Or, while you’re browsing through your Photostream, choose a photo, click the new shopping cart icon, and select the product (we love the metal prints) to add it to your cart. Simply repeat this step to add more photos and items to your cart. When you’re done shopping, head back to your cart (accessible through the Prints menu item in the upper navigation) and check out.

Why print through Flickr?

We’re committed to making Flickr your be-all home for photography and this is just one more step to giving photographers better ways to let their photos live beyond the pixel. We are partnering with some of the best photo labs on the planet (Bay Photo, Loxley Colour, and White House Custom Colour) to make sure that no matter what size or shape your print, you’re getting professional quality prints each and every time.

What kind of prints can I get?

Metal prints: When you want to stand out.
Metal prints deliver unparalleled color and vibrance to produce a depth and clarity unlike any other photographic wall art. If you want a print as bold as your most epic photo, look no further than metal prints.

Paper prints: Big or small print them all.
Paper prints are a time-honored way to show off and share your favorite photos. From stacks of 4x6s to frameable statement pieces, you’ll be able to find the perfect size and paper finish for your favorite photos.

Canvas prints: Add a little class to your casa.
Add a little class to your home, office, or whatever other space needs the finesse of a classic canvas print. With shapes and sizes perfect for wherever you want to hang your photos, your images will look outstanding.

While you’re at it, come join the new Flickr group: Print Boldly. There will be lots of discussions and conversation around preparing your photos for printing, finding inspiration around what to print, and exclusives and deals for all members.

We’ve been lucky enough to lean on our friends at SmugMug to develop this new feature. This has been an awesome opportunity to take advantage of our sister product teams’ skills to build something new while most of the core Flickr team was consumed by the migration including getting Camera Roll up and running again. It was a team effort!

Have fun and #printboldly!