The Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, the Sony division that is responsible for design and manufacturing of the Japanese company's image sensors, has published its image sensor roadmap up to 2018 and the document includes some rather exciting news for medium-format photographers.

Sony's plans include the launch of 100MP 44 x 33mm and 150MP 55 x 41mm medium-format sensors in 2018. Both sensors will be backside-Illuminated. The former is the same format as sensors currently used in the Fuji GFX or Hasselblad X1D, and the latter would fit into the Phase One 100XF. The roadmap also includes a 150MP 55 x 41mm monochrome BSI sensor to be launched in 2018. 

According to Sony the new sensors will allow for a much higher degree of cropping or image magnification than with current sensor types. Potential applications are not limited to conventional photography but also include aerial photography, large area surveillance and inspection applications in manufacturing and industry. The full document is available on the Sony Semiconductor website.