In January, Insta360 unveiled Titan, an 11K 360-degree cinematic camera featuring eight lenses with Micro Four Thirds sensors. The camera is designed for VR video production, offering shooting modes ranging from 5.3K/120fps through 11K/30fps with 10-bit color. The model is now available to order from Insta360.

Titan offers a number of high-end features for professional productions, including an integrated 9-axis gyro with FlowState stabilization for smooth shots without a gimbal. Insta360 boasts that its Titan camera offers superior low-light performance, color depth, and clarity compared to 'conventional' VR cameras.

The 360-degree camera produces stitched 2D videos at up to 10,560 x 5280 pixels and 3D stitched videos at up to 9600 x 9600 pixels. Stitched 2D images are processed at 10,560 x 5280 and stitched 3D images at 10,560 x 10,560 pixels in JPEG and DNG formats.

Titan supports capturing in-camera HDR images, 10 continuous burst shots, and time-lapses in addition to single shot images. The model offers multiple exposure modes (auto, manual, etc.), 12 stops exposure range, ISO 100 - 6400, and records data to nine full-size SD cards.

When the camera was announced in January, interested customers could reserve a unit with a $150 deposit. Titan is now available to directly purchase from Insta360 bundled with the Farsight live monitoring device for $14,999 USD; there's also a bundle that includes memory cards with Titan and Farsight for $15,339 USD.