Cassini's series of 'Grand Finale' dives by Saturn continues to mesmerize us. In the above video, you'll first see a 'Cassini-eye-view' of the surface of Saturn whizzing by, starting with the swirling north pole of Saturn. But it doesn't stop there, as NASA/JPL-Caltech also shows you a three dimensional simulation of exactly where the probe is as it's capturing the images.

The spacecraft's altitude dropped from 45,000 miles to 4,200 during this dive, and 'as this occurred, the smallest resolvable features in the atmosphere changed from 5.4 miles (8.7 kilometers) per pixel to 0.5 mile (810 meters) per pixel,' according to NASA.

NASA even goes so far as to note that the camera settings were 'conservative' here, so we can expect some better results as the Grand Finale continues.