The MeituKiss smartphone features two 8-megapixel Sony cameras.

For some smartphone users, hardware manufacturers got things backwards — they put the high-resolution camera on the back and left only a low-resolution camera on the front for capturing self-portraits.

Lucky for purikura loversduck-facing Instagrammers and avid video chatters, the MeituKiss from Chinese manufacturer Meitu Mobile has two 8MP Sony cameras — one in front and one in back.

Exclusively marketed toward women on the company's website, the Meitu Mobile advertising campaign for the MeituKiss seems to focus more on lifestyle than technology. So far, we know that the 4.5-inch MeituKiss will run Android 4.2, comes in white or pink and has a 720p display. With 8GB of built-in storage, the MeituKiss also has room for a micro SD card. Your high-resolution selfies will be processed on its 1.2GHz quad-core processor and can be sent through different networks with the phone's dual SIM support.

The official release of the MeituKiss will be on May 16th. No word yet on how much the phone will cost or where it will be commercially available. From what I understand of Google Translate's take on Meitu Mobile's amazing promotional page, 10 lucky microbloggers will get a knock on a door and become a guest at the conference site. I don't what this means, but I hope I win.

Product shots of the Meitu Kiss smartphone show how the phone will fit in with users' makeup routines and pink rose collections.