One of Pureshot's new tap commands automatically opens up the entire Camera Roll in grid view.

The latest updates to Pureshot 2.10 may make you tap happy. A double-tap on a saved image brings up a preview of the entire Camera Roll in grid form. Change it up to a tap-hold on the format button to toggle between single, three-shot burst and three-shot bracket. 

Another new feature is what Pureshot calls "session-to-session flash persistence," which can be enabled or disabled from the focus and exposure settings menu.

Also new for Pureshot 2.10 is the option to choose whether or not to keep the same flash settings from one session to the other. For visual balance, the artificial horizon has been refactored. And, out-of-sight back end refinements have been incorporated as well.  

The iOS app from the same developer that created the recently renamed and revamped 645 Pro Mk II costs $1.99 and requires a minimum of iOS 5.1.